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An ass-kicking, open-world action game.
Badass gameplay. Cryptic narrative.

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The thief that saved the world.

HellsPawn features an original story spanning three unique, open world enviroments. Take control of a mighty anti-hero once known for his legendary heists – and fight your way through hordes of vile enemies in an effort to stop the Armageddon.

HellsPawn was once known simply as Lindorf – a legendary, professional thief famous for his daring heists.

After being hired by the mysterious Dylontine Corp t0 do a daring heist, Lindorf receives a horrible curse. 

And that curse might turn out to be a blessing that saves the world.

The Gallery.



Complete dozens of action-packed missions as you make your way towards your cryptic nemesis – the CEO of the Dylontine corporation.  


Use fast-paced punches and kicks to vanquish your enemies – or grab a car and throw it to their ugly faces.


Unleash a myriad of impressive superpowers on your enemies – and unlock more as you progress through the game.


Hordes of corporate soldiers, Grizzly tanks, mutated Scorpions, HellCopters and other vile creatures will stand in your way.